Analytics to ensure safety, service and a top-notch experience

Our crowd monitoring platform provides city officials and crowd management professionals with real-time insights into the state of high priority areas in their cities. Insights include crowd densities, flow rates, walking speeds, interactive risk thresholds and sentiments of the crowd. Our platform provides crowd professionals tools to ensure safety, service, and a top-notch experience for their crowds. 

Your data at your fingertips

The City Analytics platform brings together the information from a multitude of different data sources that crowd management professionals need to take on the spot decisions pertaining the best way to proceed. Our package allows professionals to add their own sensor data to the mix. Automated counters, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, RFID sensors and Radar are just some of the data sources that the City Analytics platform can analyse and visualise.

Portal to Open data

The City Analytics platform also provides access to the open data pertaining Dutch mobility. Is the next train going to arrive as planned? Is there a traffic jam on the main route to your event? Is the weather going to hold? What are people tweeting about your event? Just look at your City Analytics dashboard.

Latest crowd analytics tools

The founders of City Analytics have been working in the field of crowd analytics for almost a decade. The current state-of-the-art in crowd monitoring and management analytics has been included in the City Analytics SaaS. Consequently, the City Analytics SaaS does more than just showing a number, it filters, enhances and analyzes (your) crowd movement data on the fly. As a result, you get more out of the same data.

Large investments in the R&D and collaborations with various institutes keeps the City Analytics platform a front-runner in its field.

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